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How is the traveller who visits us?


Regarding the profile of the tourist who has visited us , we highlight that 58% are between 36 and 55 years , organize the trip online, travel in pairs (45%) or with family (41%) , arrive by car (78%) and choose a hotel to stay (49%).

Almost half of respondents (4 %) chose A Coruña because of the Internet or social networks, a percentage that shoots up to 89% when organizing or booking the trip.

The study also shows that 63 stay at least two days and 33% had been in town and repeated destination, data that confirm that the commitment of Consortium about visitor loyalty gives good results.

As for the origin of the travellers, the report reveals that the national tourist remains as the one that visits A Coruña the most: it represents the 75% versus the 25% of international tourism. National visitors come, for the most part, from other areas of Galicia (19.8%), from the Community of Madrid (16.6%), Andalucía and Catalonia, with 12% and 10.6%, respectively; the last three destinations match the cities with which has direct air link.

At an international level, France (22%) and the U.K. (21.2%) – climbing from fourth to second place-lead the source markets ranking. The report also reflects the “surprise” of Brazil, within the international sector that goes from 4% to 19% of tourists, ranking as the second largest market in America after Argentina, the influx of people from the Netherlands (3.9% ) by air link with Amsterdam and the growing presence of Russians.