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Become a fan and win a flight to A Coruña with Air Europa


The Tourist Consortium has launched an online campaign through its Facebook profile aimed to convert visitors into ambassadors of the city and includes prizes among netizens .

Participants can win one of five round-trip flights Madrid -A Coruña , for two people each, offered by Air Europa. The application, which will be active until October 15, offers each visitor a recommendation to the more tempting plans to discover A Coruña.

To participate you only need to enter the application from A Coruna Tourism website in that social network and follow the steps indicated. Through Facebook socialization tools, conversation in the channel with different hashtags (#ferias, #congresos, #gastronomía, #música) will be encouraged, always under the umbrella #Coruñasemueve.

The launch of this campaign is part of the bet of the Tourism Consortium for online promotions to reach millions of potential tourists, as the internet and social networks are the way chosen by the majority of those who decide to organize a trip or getaway.