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A summer record also for the Tower of Hercules


A total of 61,136 people visited the Tower of Hercules in July, August and September, which represents a slight increase over the same period last year , when 60,902 people visited the lighthouse . A daily average of almost 700 visitors.

The data obtained, result of a satisfaction survey conducted for the first time and driven by the staff have also drawn the lighthouse visitor profile: Spanish , travel as a couple, visit the lighthouse for the first time, but they are before informed on the Internet , they known it is a World Heritage Site, and they grant it an outstanding mark and would recommend the experience to friends and family.

The study also reveals that 45 % of respondents are between 30 and 45. It is followed by the age group between 18 and 30 years, with 23% , then between 45 and 65 years (22) and finally more than 65 years , with 10%.

Regarding the origin , 76% are domestic visitors versus 24 % foreigners . According to the region, Galicia ranks first (20%) followed by Madrid (17), Andalucía (16) and Catalonia (10) , the same ranking as in 2012. According to visitors from Europe, the largest group among foreigners , with 16 % – , the French are in the lead (18 %), followed by British (14) and Portuguese, who obtained a 13 %, identical percentage as Germans and Italians.

The rest of the European countries is split in 29%. These include Russian visitors , whose increase is continued. This summer the Tower of Hercules was visited by 400 people from this country .

On knowledge about the Tower of Hercules, 63% of those surveyed said they were informed before seeing the monument, and the majority -six out of ten-, know it is a World Heritage Site. As for the question of why did they encourage to make the visit , almost a half, 48%, said they did it thanks to the Internet, 16% because of friends and 15% thanks to tourism offices. The remaining 21%, because of other media (books, brochures, radio, television…).